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Welcome to Juniper Craft.  I am a busy Mum who enjoys crocheting in my spare time.  I am obsessed with buying new types of yarn/wool and I have run out of space at home to store all my craft supplies!  

My journey started when my Mum and I ran a stall at our local Christmas market and I fell in love with the creative atmosphere amongst the sellers and customers.  Several years later (and due to customer requests) I have set up a website where I can showcase my items and sell directly to the public.   

My products are diverse as I am constantly inspired by current trends and new products which I see in the media.  Everything I have put on my site is handmade in the evenings (after I finish my day job) so I don't hold large stocks of each item.

I am always trying different ideas with new products.  I will only sell the items that are tried and tested amongst my friends and family and that I feel are up to a professional standard.


Please get in touch to find out more.

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